School Rules


Our Lady of the Angels Prep. School is operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston. It is a Registered Private Independent School and therefore subject to public inspection by the Ministry of Education.



Classes begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp and dismissal is at 1:30 p.m. for all children. Kindergarten classes have lunch and break from 10:20 to 11:00 a.m. The grades have lunch and break between 10:40 and 10:10 a.m.



Deposit vouchers are sent home at the end of each term. Fees must be deposited before school starts and each child is to bring the paid voucher to their class teacher for admission. No child will be admitted to classes unless their fees have been paid.



Bible Knowledge is a required subject for every student. Classes in Catholic Doctrine is given to Roman Catholics ONLY. Any child of any other faith wishing to attend Catholic Doctrine Classes MUST have a written letter of permission from parents sent to the school for their file.



Most textbooks are purchased and kept by the child. The main set of readers is rented for a small fee yearly. Kindergarten one pays a fee to cover all books and supplies needed for the school year. All other classes pay for rental, art supplies and examination for three terms before the beginning of the school year. No child will be admitted to classes UNLESS these amounts have been paid.



Each child is to have a notebook solely for recording assignments. Both teachers and parents are to make sure of this. Homework is an essential part in the life of a student and is a means of developing valuable traits for life. All children in ALL grades get some homework DAILY to not only solidify and integrate work taught but also to develop personal responsibility. Parents must provide the proper atmosphere which is conducive to concentrated study so the child can complete assignments. PROPERLY COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS ARE TO BE CHECKED AND SIGNED BY THE PARENT AS CLEAN, NEAT AND ACCEPTABLE.



Beige dress with School Crest on LEFT just below point of collar
House Pin
Brown Shoes
Brown Socks

• Grades 1-6
Beige bush jacket with the School Crest on pocket
Dark brown long pants
Brown shoes
Brown socks

Beige bush jacket with the School Crest on pocket
Dark brown short pants
Brown shoes
Brown socks

P. E.
Brown shorts
White T- shirt with printed emblem
Coloured vest (house colour) for Inter-House sports ONLY.
White sneakers
White shoes
Girls from grade 3 upward – dark brown wrap around skirt to be worn over shorts.


ALL of the above uniform with exception of the socks and shoes may be purchased from the school.


Cub Scout
Navy blue shirt (obtained at Scouts Headquarters)
Navy blue short pants (obtained at Scouts Headquarters)
Navy blue socks (knee high)
Black shoes
Brown scarf with beige pi ping

Brown uniform (obtained at Girl Guides Headquarters)
Brown socks
Brown shoes
Brown hair ornaments

Red Cross (Girls)
White pleated shirt
White blouse
White hair ornaments
Brown socks
Black tie
Brown shoes

Red Cross (Boys)
White shirt
Black pants
Black tie
Brown socks
Brown shoes



GIRLS: No braids, hair pieces, extensions, colouring, tints, bleaching are allowed.

BOYS: Tails, trendy parts, fancy hairstyles, colouring, bleaching, tints are not allowed.


Jewellery and ornaments are NOT to be worn to school. All children must have neat and well-groomed hairstyles. ONLY brown or white ribbons may be worn by girls, with no more than two brown or white hair clips.



These are prepared at the first and third terms. During the latter part of the second term, each teacher will see each parent for a conference regarding the child’s progress. When reports are prepared, the parent are to collect them from the class teacher and take the time to go over the report with the child, offering praise where necessary and encouragement to continue: also, to point out areas that need improvement.


G.S.A.T (Grade Six Achievement Test)

Children who have completed Grade 5 and have been promoted to Grade 6 sit this exam, under NO circumstances will any child in Grade 5 be allowed to sit this exam. Any parent breaching this policy will be asked to withdraw the child from school immediately.



All children MUST participate in this part of the curriculum. If your child is sick or handicapped or otherwise incapacitated, a doctor’s certificate stating that it would be harmful for the child so to do MUST be sent to the office for the child’s file. If the child is too ill to participate on a particular day, the parent must send in an excuse to the teacher.



For competition and sportsmanship, there are three houses GABRIEL (gold) MICHAEL (red) RAPHAEL (blue). Brothers and sisters are placed in the same house, others draw. There is inter-house competition in MERIT, ATHLETICS, NETBALL and FOOTBALL. Trophies are awarded for each prize at prize giving. The school also enters the annual inter-prep competitions in Netball, Football, Athletics and Relays. These are under the direction of the Jamaica Independent School’s Association Junior Sports.



This is of vital importance if children are to be properly developed and educated in all areas. Children who arrive after the 8:00 a.m. bell is rung MUST NOT walk into the classroom and disturb it; but wait until admitted by the class teacher. PERSISTENT LATENESS IS SUFFICIENT REASON TO ASK YOU TO WITHDRAW YOUR CHILD FROM SCHOOL.



Children’s files must be kept up to date at all times. All changes of addresses, contact telephone numbers etc. must be sent in writing to the office for recording.



Definite arrangements for your child’s safe traveling to and from school are necessary. Children left here after dismissal and who are NOT taking part in some extra curricular activity WILL NOT BE THE RESONSIBILITY of the School. Children will NOT be delivered to UNKNOWN persons at any time. If you require your child to be dismissed before 1:30 p.m. for any urgent appointment, send in a note requesting this.



We need to know if your child has suffered or is suffering from any serious illness, accident of disability that might affect hi/her performance and or health and so may require some special attention at school. Children should NOT be given any medication to bring to school. If a child needs to take some type of medicine during school hours, please give it to the class teacher with the necessary instructions.



When a child is absent from school, it is necessary to send in an excuse or call the school office. Children absent for prolonged illnesses must submit a doctor’s certificate stating that they are well enough to return to class.



All school property, equipment, etc. are for the use of the children and must be properly cared for. No ‘caution fee’ is collected so if a child willfully breaks, damages, or deffaces school furniture, etc. the replacement or repairs to damages must be paid for by parents.



A parent acting in any verbal or physical abusive manner to any member of staff or other child will result in the expulsion of the child of that parent.



There is a limited supply of snacks, drinks, etc. available during the lunch break.



This facility is available for use by the children in the grades. Each class has an assigned period on their timetable. There is no fee for using the library. However, books that are damaged, or lost must be replaced before another is borrowed. Overdue books incur a find of $5. per week. Children who abuse the rules of this facility will lose the privilege of its use.



Once your child attends this school, you are automatically a member of this association. Meeting are held once per tern (3 times per year) and you are expected to attend. All parents/guardians are to give their fullest support and cooperation by participating in all fundraising activities planned by the Executive Committee. At the beginning of the school year, the annual dues of $50.00 per family are added to the fees.







Life of Jamaica Limited carries an accident policy for all registered students at a cost of $160.00 yearly. This covers the child for 24 hours for ACCIDENTS ONLY.



Due to the poor cooperation of many parents regarding fund-raising, the Executive Committee requested and obtained permission from the School Board to collect and additional $100.00 termly from each member of family to take care of those areas of development not paid for from tuition.

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