Because the life of the mind is neither solitary nor self-contained, O.L.A students draw much from their involvement in co curricula activities, which take them naturally from classroom to playing fields, in football, netball and track competitions.

Intellectual, social and cultural life extends beyond the school grounds. The clubs below represent a sampling from the main areas of interest.


Our Lady of the Angels Cub-Scouts Pack restarted in April 2001 with boys and three leaders. The aim is to get the boys well rounded in all aspects of their development.

Meetings are held every Tuesday from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m., where the boys are exposed to various activities, which include art, games and general information about Scouting. At present the pack has twenty-three boys, two leaders and three assistant leaders.


The Brownie Pack
Our Lady of The Angels Preparatory School now boasts successive vibrant Brownie Packs.

In 1997, under the present administration, the young arm of the Girl Guide Movement “The Brownies,” after being dormant for sometime, was activated.

We started off with one trained Guider and eight recruits. We now have one warranted Guider and two trained Guiders. There is an average attendance of twenty-five Brownies and recruits.

The pack looks forward to our annual Promise Ceremony where new Brownies are enrolled to take the place of senior Brownies who go off to High Schools at Grade Six.

Our activities are geared to give the Brownies the exposure needed to develop leadership ability as well as values and attitudes needed to face the future.


Builders Club
Builders Club is a youth arm of the Kiwanis Club. It is a “student-led” community-service organization. It provides a way to form sound personal values based on experiences in meaningful community-service activities. The members learn by doing. They learn organization, teamwork and leadership. But the most important lesson they can learn is that individuals working together can and will make a difference to the world around them.


Red Cross Youth Link
Red Cross is aimed at providing training to boys and girls in good citizenship, and encouraging them to accept some measure of social responsibility. It has not only inspired young people to look beyond themselves to the needs of others, but it also offers them a workable programme for turning their ideas into worthwhile action.

O.L.A Red Cross Youth Link presently has thirty-six members and four leaders. Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 2:15p.m.


KFC Quiz
The quiz show is a competition that allows students at the GSAT level to compete with peers in other schools on curriculum based subject areas as well as Social Graces. The students are enthusiastic about this highly competitive show because of the exposure, the discipline, to achieve academically, the incentives and an opportunity to compete on national TV. The school usually goes beyond rounds one and two.


Debating Competition
This competition allows for the student’s development in the area of public speaking, self-confidence, research and reasoning capabilities as well as the ability to be competitive and display true sportsmanship. The prospect of their appearance on national TV is also very encouraging.


The OLA Ensemble is a group of young musicians dedicated to the all round development of different forms of music in the school.

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