Requirements for Registration
* – Items in red are required
Name of child
Pet Name
Place In Family:
No. of Siblings:
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Please present certified birth certificate
Denomination: If Catholic
Birth Certificate Number
Church Parish
If Non-Catholic, do you wish your child to participate in Catholic Doctrine classes?
Yes No
Home Address
Tel. No.

Cell. No.

 Does this child have a brother/sister attending here? If yes, please fill in below:
 Name of that child
 School He/She Last Attended

For How Long?

Last Grade
Address of School

Reason For Leaving Present School
 Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Father’s Address
Mother’s Address
Telephone No.
Telephone No.
Marital Status
Marital Status
Name and Address of workplace
Name and Address of workplace
Work Telephone
Work Telephone
Name of Emergency Contact
Telephone No.
Relationship To Child
We will only release your child into the care of another person if you have informed us of their details.

Relationship:   Tel.


Relationship:   Tel.

I/We fully realize that this school is a Registered Independent School which depends on fees collected from the registered pupils for its operation. WE MUST deposit fees at the bank before each term begins, and my/our child is to hand in, to the Class Teacher, the school’s copy of the paid voucher in order to be admitted to the classroom. I/We further understand that if my application is accepted and there is space for my/our child, I/We will adhere to ALL the rules and regulations set out in the school’s policies.

I hereby give consent for the Institution to seek all forms of medical and/or surgical treatment and/or other medical procedures for the above-named child which may be required during my absence. I agree to pay for all services provided to my child in my absence. In the event that during treatment my child is injured I waive all rights to pursue legal action. This authorization shall be effective as at today’s date unless revoked by me.

I/We, the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of the above named student, have read, do understand, and hereby agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of Our Lady of the Angels Preparatory School.

Parent’s Name
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